Jermaine Seagears  

Cancer Survivor

Jermaine Seagears was diagnosed with Diffused B-Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer in November, 2016.  But that didn't stop Seagears from living a purposeful life to help others, in the mist of his storm he continues to used his cancer Journee to inspire others. Seagears is based out of Las Vegas, NV and has developed a strong presents in the Las Vegas, NV community. After numerous rounds of chemo-therapy and radiation treatment, Seagears is getting stronger every day and has committed himself to helping others fight their cancer battle as well.

Jermaine Seagear Chemo Picture.jpg

Journee For Cures was created to be a voice for cancer patients, build a community to raise awareness, funds and resources for patients, families and friends effected by cancer. Seagears envisions himself as a cancer advocate and ambassador for cancer patients. On this Journee, lets walk brave, walk strong, most importantly, lets Journee Together.