Journee Together “Support BAGS”

We are super excited to kick off the Journee For Cures Foundation partnership with Summerlin Hospital “Oncology Cancer Unit”. Our first community campaign to support cancer patients battling cancer is the Journee Together Support bags. The support bags for cancer patients was created by Journee For Cures founder and cancer survivor, Jermaine Seagears. Seagears vision is simple, help as many cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment in the hospital “Stay” stress free and relaxing by providing the essential that mean the most while living in a hospital.

Warm foot attire.

Warm cozy blanket and pillow.

Refreshing bath and body wash.

Encouraging quote.

A JFC journal for cancer patients to write down their thoughts and stay encouraged with positive quotes in the journal.

and much more..

To donate for future support bags or volunteer, contact Jermaine Seagears via email or directly at 240.839.8003.

Walk Brave, Walk Strong, Your Fight is Our Fight!